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About a dozen students of design and engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology accompanied by their faculty Dr Kyle Keane visited IIT Delhi for a three-day exchange program from 4th to 6th January. They were joined by 10 students of Engineering and Design from IIT Delhi for an exchange program on “Assistive Technology”.

On 4th January the teams interacted with students, project staff and entrepreneurs working in the space of assistive technology at IIT Delhi. The teams visited Assistech Lab at IIT Delhi for product demonstrations. They were exposed to more than 10 innovations in assistive technologies from IIT Delhi.

On 5th January MIT and IIT teams visited Indian Spinal injuries Center's Rehabilitation Center to get the first-hand experience of rehabilitation activities and held discussions with occupational therapists and assistive technology experts. In another session held at IIT Department of Design, people with various disabilities, occupational therapists, the policymakers and experts in assistive technology interacted with students and apprised students to challenges faced by people with disabilities and about unmet needs in assistive technology.

On 5th January and 6th January, six student teams each of which consisting of MIT and IIT students worked on unmet needs and came up with solutions as a part of studio work in Department of Design. All the teams made their presentation pitches to faculty, experts and to other students.

Overall the exchange program was a great experience for students from both the institutes and students had an exciting time working together.